About Us

WCW, Inc., makers of the Natural Form® sleep systems was founded in Bennington VT as a cut and sew business in 1992; specializing primarily in medical seating and surfacing products. Beginning in 1994 through today, WCW diversified into proprietary air products as well as more traditional foam and custom foam products. These proprietary products are licensed technology from WCW, Inc. holder of multiple US and world patents.

Over the past twenty years, based on the advanced technology patents WCW holds, products have been produced for distribution to major medical institutions, to Hilton Garden Inn hotels worldwide and their guests, and to those at home worldwide purchasing through our websites.

The Natural Form® brand of sleep systems continues to integrate the latest in sleep trends and works closely with industry leaders to ensure we are building new technologies to meet the ever changing landscape. Our mission is to continually strive to improve our superior technologies that promote healthy sleep for our world-wide customers.

A totally vertical manufacturer, WCW produces our products with a dedicated workforce in our factory in the beautiful Green Mountains in Southern Vermont. Our sales and customer service teams are ready to listen to your requests and help formulate an effective solution. Please contact us with any inquiries at (800) 432-3842.

Thank you and sleep well.
The Wilkinson Family

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